The Guide Oak
photo: Wratislaviae Amici /

The Guide Oak

I have another favourite tree in Wrocław. It is a huge oak. The oak is located at a street junction, which is basically a place the tree shouldn’t be at all. But every year the tree sprouts new leaves, blooms and gives fruit. And, come spring, I think every year it won’t be there any more as it has absolutely no business carrying on there.

It stands at the corner of Ślężna St., at a road junction. I watch it with a kind eye and, I’d say, lovingly, and marvel at how strong and motivated it must be to brace itself up year in year out to draw juices from the earth and live on! There’s plenty of heavy traffic around, cars, a coach station, and the place is concrete-lined all over. The oak gets poisoned from all sides, and yet it stands tall. A shopping mall is being built there to add to this, and there’s another major construction site vis-à-vis it, and still the oak braves it all.


Renate Zajączkowska


Quercus L.


Ślężna Street

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