Counting the years
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Counting the years

When I came to Wrocław in 1956, I took the house at 31 Kołłątaj St. In the backyard, there was a beautiful, old chestnut tree. When it came out in bloom in spring, the flowery candles on the chestnut tree gave us a lot of joy. Just like it did again later, when it was heavy with fruit, chestnuts dropping on the ground. When the kids were young, I made chestnut people for them. They collected chestnuts, and I made toys from them. It was a tree I have nice memories about; I remember it well. It is still there; you can go and see it.

In 1966, I moved to Nowowiejska St. And, imagine what, in the backyard there was a big chestnut tree just like the one in Kołłątaj St. But the kids were big by then; I did not make chestnut people any more, but I watched the tree with great pleasure all the time. I still watch it today – in spring, when it comes back to life, and in autumn, when it bears fruit and sheds foliage. To me, it’s like counting the time, counting the years.


Renate Zajączkowska


Aesculus L.


Kołłątaj Street / Nowowiejska Street

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