photo: Public Domain


When we moved to Traugutt St., our trips to the Szczytniki Park took off. We went not only to the park’s closer part, but also to the further one across Mickiewicz St., where there is a lane with perhaps ten rhododendron species along it. All planted in the German times. The smell is delicious there. They come out in all kinds of colours when they begin to bloom in May. You need to go there first thing in the morning because there’re only two benches in the lane. People hang birdfeeders, made from plain big bottles, all over the place. I have only a flat with a balcony, but the man at the Market Hall knows that when I come over, it’s to buy bird feed.

So you need to get there early enough to grab the bench you want because plenty of people flock there and swarm around them. You can sit hours on end there. Whenever I have a problem, I head straight to the park. My husband already knows it – no discussing, no talking. Just straight to the park, because it’s the only place where I can sit over these problems.




Rhododendron L.


Szczytniki Park

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